Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When Mom Explodes

I am going to be really vulnerable here and share a moment that was definitely not one of my finest. Hopefully you can laugh a little and learn a lot.

First I must set the tone. Our school life is complicated. I have 5 kids attending 4 different schools/programs, none of which offer bussing. Half of those children are home every other day, so we also home school. Basically, I am either driving or helping with school work all.the.time. So,I was a little on edge yesterday when I went to pick up the two youngest from their mutual first day of school.

I planned to zip across town in the same 12 minutes it took to get to school when we visited over the summer. I imagined they would skip to the car with huge smiles on their faces, weeping tears of gratitude that I had provided such an amazing opportunity for them at great personal sacrifice. We would have stimulating conversation all the way home about the things they had learned and I would glow with pride. The reality looked a little different.  I exited my subdivision and entered a parking lot. They call it a highway, but really it was a parking lot. It took me 35 minutes to make the 12 minute trip. I pulled into the parking lot 20 minutes late and the kids were nowhere to be seen. I had to go find them in the building and they were both sitting looking pretty angry.

As soon as they saw me, it began.

"You're late!"
 I'm sorry.
"I'm starving"
 I'll bet.
"Can we stop at Taco Bell?"
 No, that's junk.
"Can I make popcorn at home?"
 No, It's dinner time
"What's for dinner?"
"I'm exhausted!"
 Me too.
"Can you buy me some chips?"
 No, that's junk.
"Why do we have to stop at the store?"
 For your sister's project.
Will you buy me orange chicken there?
 No, that's junk.

It went on just like that for another two hours. Nonstop. All the way up Chinden road, through Garden City, inside of Wal-mart and the whole time I was making dinner. I am generally a pretty patient person, but I could feel the adrenaline rising inside of me; my chest tightened, my fists clenched, and then the moment arrived. I had had it.

My 12 year old daughter is typically a delight to be around. She and I are buddies. She does what I ask and tells me I'm wonderful and it's all good. Not on this day. She was the whiner in blue and now, two hours later, she was texting on her phone instead of doing the chores I had asked her to do. So I requested that she give it to me. She declined. I demanded. She argued. I grabbed the phone. She argued....and then I snapped. And I threw her 5 year old hand-me-down iphone 4 across the hardwood floor and it shattered. And the whole family saw, and then ran for their safety.

Since we have a pretty good relationship, I went and talked to her and we patched things up. I realized that I was probably in need of a time-out since I really had nothing nice to say to anyone. Once I retired to my room, I regained enough sense to realize my emotions were out of control and I could probably use some oils. I used my trusty Zyto Compass to see what oils might be helpful for me at that moment and made what I think is a pretty groundbreaking discovery. The Back to School blend for moms. Here is what I scanned for:

*Fennel-Supports the individual who has a weakened sense of self. The individual may feel defeated by life's responsibilities. It teaches that life is not too big or too much to handle. Through attunement with the body's actual needs, fennel curbs cravings for experiences that dull the senses. (Facebook anyone?)

*Basil-The smell brings strength to the heart and relaxation to the mind. Basil oil supports those who are under a great deal of mental strain. It addresses emotions of anxious, weary, overwhelmed, tired, drained, and exhausted.

*Cypress-Cypress encourages individuals to cast aside their worries and let go of control so they can enjoy the thrill that comes form being alive. Cypress shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.

Are these not things that every mother needs to transition Back to School? Do you feel defeated by traffic and homework? Do you need to flow with the never-ending stream of projects and volunteer requests? Of Course! I applied a few drops of each oil massaged into the bottoms of my feet and after that I truly felt much better. I took several deep breaths and rejoined the family for the evening.

There is a humorous postscript. The owner of the broken phone came into my room after I had oiled myself and asked to be scanned as well. She scanned for Geranium-The oil most useful for restoring feelings of love when trust has been broken, especially with a mother or father. Guilty.

So, here are my words of wisdom. Get the oils in the Mom's Back to School Blend and apply them BEFORE the crisis occurs. If you forget to apply, be sure to have geranium on hand to repair the damage.


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  2. I would love to learn more about the scanner you mentioned.
    Janet Cox