Wednesday, October 8, 2014

If You give a Pig a Pancake

I talked to to a friend the other day who is really struggling with depression and burnout. Let's call her Jill. She's been struggling for a number of years. Jill has worked in the mental health field, so she knows what she's dealing with. She knows what the prescription options are enough to know she doesn't want those. She even has a pretty good understanding of how to take control of her situation naturally. Nutrition. Sleep. Exercise. Sunshine. Essential Oils. So why doesn't she just do it? Why don't we all just do it?

I observed an interesting phenomenon on this blog. When I shared the story of my depression, there were hundreds of page views. Everyone identified with my suffering. When I shared the simple solutions to my depression, the steps I took to climb out of that pit, there were less than 20 views. I've spent the last couple of months wondering why that is. When so many people are suffering, why not make the change? I think it can be summed up in one word.

Overwhelm. In a world where there is so much going on all of the time, especially for you, my audience, who are mothers, you simply do not have the time or energy to do one more thing, even if it's the thing that will save your life. As mothers, you are the hub of the home. You are the fixed point around which everything else rotates. The children, the meals, the budget, the cleaning, the driving, the doctors appointments, the school work, the church activities, and a hundred other things.  Given that load, how could you possibly take on one more thing?
It reminds me of the book "If you Give a Pig a Pancake".

Are you familiar with it? It's a hilarious children's book full of circular logic.
Here's a small excerpt:

"If you give a pig a pancake. she'll want some syrup to go with it. You'll give her some of your favorite maple syrup. She'll probably get all she'll want to take a bath. So she'll ask you for some bubbles. When you give her the bubbles, she'll probably ask you for a toy. You'll have to find your rubber ducky. The duck with remind her of the farm where she was born. she might feel homesick and want to visit her family...." 

And it goes on and on and on. The pig's needs are endless. Everything the girl does to try and help simply creates another need until finally at the end of the story, the girl is tired and exasperated and the pig is hungry all over again! Sound familiar? When you as a mother are struggling with depression or anxiety, that's how life feels-like an endless, bottomless pit of needs that cannot possibly be filled. Susie needs a friend. Joey needs help with math. Sally's had a runny nose for a month. Totally spaced the dental cleanings 2 months ago. Make cute treats for the class Halloween party. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. And since we are afraid that the needs can never be met, we stand still and choose not to even try.

But what if it's not endless and it's not hopeless and it's not hard? What if your perception has been all wrong?

My experience with healing from depression and obesity has been exactly the opposite of the pig. My experience has been that as soon as we take the first tiny step, the clouds part and the light shines in. When the light shines in, we feel more hope. When we feel more hope, we have more energy. When we have more energy, we take more action. When we take more action, life just keeps getting better and better and better. It's not a simple addition problem. My health is at a -10 and so I must take 20 steps to get to a positive 10. It is more like exponents. I am at a -10 and I take one step and God multiplies it and magnifies it until my tiny step has become a giant leap.

So my question for you today is this:

"What is holding you back? What is keeping you from taking the first step? How long have your health challenges been an issue? What are they costing you and your family? In money, time, relationships, and joy?"

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