Monday, February 8, 2016

Illness isn't a death sentence. It's a cry for attention.

Watch the first 30 seconds of this video...I dare you not to laugh out loud!

Isn't this how it feels sometimes? Like anytime something goes wrong with your body you might as well just kiss that function goodbye and chalk it up to old age. As I approach 40, it seems like more and more of my friends have a heap of health challenges that they fully expect to deal with for the rest of their lives. You name it and i've heard it. '

"I just have bad knees"
"My digestion has always been messed up"
"Every time I get sick, it goes straight to my lungs"
"Depression runs in my family"

The two questions I always ask myself and my clients are "What is your body trying to tell you? Where is this coming from?"

Every single thing that shows up as dis-ease is your body's way of telling you something is wrong at an emotional level.  In her 1984 bestselling book "You can Heal Your Life", author Louise Hay taught that every physical illness can be traced to a spiritual or emotional conflict. When her book was released, there was little scientific data to support her theory. Thirty years later, the science is clear: Every time we experience a thought or feelings, it begins a cascade of chemical reactions in our body that causes our cells to produce hundred of different Neuropeptides, each with hits own unique function. Hormones, endorphins, cortisol, and adrenalin are some examples. Bruce Lipton PhD and Candace Pert PhD have both done extensive work in outlining the specific pathways different emotions take in the body. 

With this research as proof of the mind/body connection, We can look to Louise Hay's book as a reliable guide for the layperson to discover the probable emotional roots of physical ailments.

Knees: Knee problems are related to the inability to bend, stubborn ego and pride, fear, inflexibility. (This was my most annoying source of physical pain when I stumbled on Louise Hay's book and I was definitely convicted.)

Digestion: Your digestive system is connected to your ability to "digest" life or assimilate your experiences. Its also tied to your sense of belonging and safety in the world. Anxiety is frequently an issue in those with chronic digestive problems.

Weak Lungs: The ability to take in life. Depression. Grief. Not feeling worthy of living life fully.

Depression: Holding onto feelings of Anger that you don't thing you have a right to. Hopelessness.

Once you are aware of the emotional root of your ailment, what do you do? My favorite way to give physical and emotional support is with affirmations and essential oils. The unique chemistry of the oils makes them a perfect choice and they have been incredibly helpful for me and millions of people like me as we do our best to take charge of own physical and emotional wellbeing. Questions? you can contact me via email and I will respond within 24 hours.

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