Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

10 weeks ago, my oldest daughter asked me to join a 12 week fitness challenge with her. Part of the challenge involves attending a boot camp class six days per week. Every single day of boot camp has been hard. It usually involves a mix of High intensity Cardio and Resistance exercises. I always feel like I am going to collapse before the class is over.  I started on day 1 with a good attitude and a mantra of 

"I am getting Stronger every day" 
"My body was made for this" 
"I can do hard things"

I've done really well in the challenge by filling my mind and heart with those beliefs.

This week is Spring Break. In my mind, I feel like life should be a little easier during spring break. I had mental pictures of sunny days at the park enjoying a good book. I thought I would just get a quick workout in before I settled in to the relaxation.

I walked into class today expecting a hard but doable workout. Instead, I saw this on the board:

Push-ups                     100
Jumping Lunges         100
Bounds                       100
Dynamic Plank           100
Jumping Side Lunge   100
Dynamic Side Plank   100
Side Crunches             100
Tricep Push Ups          100

I wanted to turn around and walk back out, but my pride stopped me. These are the thoughts that went through my head:

"This is Crazy
"I will never be able to do all that"
"Whoever designed this workout is evil"
"Whomever designed this workout is irresponsible"
"Whomever designed this workout has no idea that I am not capable of this"
"I shouldn't have to do this"
"I am probably going to die"

I did finish all the exercises. I was the slowest in the room and I had to modify a couple of things to avoid hurting my back, but I finished. 

There was a man if front of me who finished all the exercises as well. Twice. I thought to myself 

"He must be in better shape than I am" 
"This is probably easier for him". 

After I caught my breath, I looked at him and realized that his knees and elbows were bleeding. He probably was in better shape than I am, but it wasn't any easier. He was simply willing to pay a higher price to succeed. 

I learned 3 valuable lessons from this experience:

You can choose Faith or Fear. There is  Creator and He designed the curriculum of life to help you become something better. You can choose to be angry with Him because you do not understand the purpose or you can choose to trust Him because you know it's for your good.

You cannot always control the situations you are placed in, but you can always control your attitude towards them and your attitude makes all the difference. The game of life is won and lost in your head. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself.

You can Have, Do, or Become anything you want to, if you are willing to pay the price. If you are not achieving the goals you have set for yourself, you might ask "What price are other people paying who ARE getting the results I want? Am I willing to pay the same price?"

What are some of the big goals you are trying to achieve?
Are you willing to pay the price?


  1. Love this! Our minds love to try to tell us what we can't do, but we have to ignore and make the can do voice louder! Congratulations on all you've accomplished!

  2. I love this Jeneen! What a great thing to do with your daughter.